What is it?

The International Barley Hub is an initiative seeking to create a platform for the translation of barley research into economic, social, environmental and commercial impacts for the breeding, farming, malting, brewing, feed, food, health and related industries.

It is supported by the UK and Scottish governments through the Tay Cities Region Deal, a partnership between the UK and Scottish governments and public and private organisations across Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross that seeks to invest up to £700 million in projects promoting sustainable and inclusive prosperity for the region.

Find out more about the development of IBH in our latest newsletter: Hutton TCD Project Newsletter – December 2021 or watch our short video below:

The next BCI seminar is "Navigating GWAS Results on the GrainGenes Morex v3 Genome Browser" and “EoRNA, a barley RNA transcript abundance database”, by Victoria Carollo Blake (Montana State University) and Craig Simpson (James Hutton Institute), respectively. Register on our Seminars page.

Please join us on Thu 30th June 2022, 15:00 BST for 2 online demos. Navigating GWAS Results on the GrainGenes Morex v3 Genome Browser - Victoria Carollo Blake @GrainGenes & EoRNA, a barley RNA transcript abundance database - Craig Simpson @JamesHuttonInst

Latest work from @TeamDB_Lab identified genes shaping the rhizosphere microbiota in the staple crop #Barley. Published @NatureComms In collaboration with @bartonlab, @JamesHuttonInst and many more..

Upcoming barley seminar for all of the barley genetics nerds out there featuring Victoria Carollo Blake:
#nobarleynobeer #amba #thinkbarley