Germinate is used in national and international projects covering 22 different crops of agricultural importance to the UK and the world.

Management and distribution of experimental data from pre-breeding and genetics projects are important to ensure the uptake of germplasm into breeding and research programs. Being able to access and share this data in standard formats is therefore essential. The adoption of a common informatics platform for crops that may have limited resources brings economies of scale, allowing common informatics components to be used across multiple species. The close integration of such a platform with commonly used breeding software, visualization, and analysis tools reduces the barrier for entry to researchers and provides a common framework to facilitate collaborations and data sharing.

Germinate is an open-source informatics platform developed at Hutton and while it supports the team’s core work on barley, soft fruit and potato, it is also used for an increasing number of different crops including durum and bread wheat, sweet cherry, cowpea, finger millet, grasspea, pigeon pea, chickpea, alfalfa, lentil, pearl millet, sorghum, eggplant, rice, sunflower and maize.

For further information visit the Germinate webpage and explore what the platform offers or get in touch at

Project Leader: Dr Paul Shaw, IBH/James Hutton Institute

Funding: The Crop Trust, The Templeton Foundation, INNOVATE UK, EU H2020

Recognised as a DivSeek International Regional Hub.