Current Impromalt genotype data

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Old Genotypic Data

Flapjack Format including QTL Data: 20151208 Impromalt

Current Genotypic Data

Flapjack Format including QTL Data: Impromalt Data to 2014

The .flapjack files require the Flapjack graphical genotyping software which can be downloaded here.

The latest file contains 713 spring and winter barley lines that have been placed on the UK National List up to February 2014. They have been genotyped with 5675 iSelect SNPs that are polymorphic and have a minor allele frequency of >10% in either the springs and/or the winter barley groups. QTL information is provided for a range of phenotypic characters that have been collected as part of the UK National and Recommended List trialling system. Each QTL is significant with a -log10(P) value of at least 3 and the effects are referenced with respect to the spring barley Overture. QTL were detected for 36 spring barley phenotypes and 36 winter barley phenotypes with some being unique to the crop type.

The map is based on a merging of the IBSC, POPSEQ, and Zooper Zeeper maps resulting in the location of 7480 iSelect SNPs. This is just a best fit of the data so treat the exact ordering with some caution and it may be that some QTL coalesce when we have the location of all SNPs on the latest genome assembly.

Phenotypic Data

Assembled yield data from NL, RL, BSPB, and AGOUEB fungicide treated and untreated trials can be accessed here


IMPROMALT Monitoring Meeting May 2016

Bill Thomas

Mark Looseley

Paul Shaw



powerpoint Impromalt Monitoring Meeting – December 2014


Meeting Minutes and Agenda

4th Impromalt Steering Group Meeting. Tuesday 2nd December 2014, KWS-UK Ltd, 56 Church St., Thriplow, Royston, SG8 7RE.

word Impromalt Agenda December 2014

word Impromalt Minutes December 2014

3rd Impromalt Steering Group Meeting. Wednesday 21st May 2014, Syngenta Whittlesford, Hill Farm Road, Whittlesford, CB22 4QT.

word Impromalt Agenda May 2014

word Impromalt Minutes May 2014

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