secobraSECOBRA Recherches is a breeding company specialized in barley and wheat based at Maule in France (78). Its main shareholders are brewers, maltsters, and seed merchants, making SECOBRA a company fully integrated into the barley chain and therefore well positioned to listen and answer the needs of this chain. With a breeding station in France, two in Germany and a strong partnership with the provider of agronomy services Agrii in the UK, SECOBRA is well equipped to breed barley varieties adapted to the different European agro-climatic contexts. Using modern tools like double haploids (DH) production and Marker-Assisted Selection enhances its capacity to quickly bring any new interesting trait into high performing cultivars. During the past decades, SECOBRA has proved to be one of the major players in Europe for malting and feed barley breeding. Expertise relevant to the Impromalt project includes extensive phenotyping capacity, advanced back-cross populations’ development and DH productions.