The Scotch Whisky Research Institute is the Research & Technology Organisation for the Scotch Whisky industry.  Its remit is to ensure sustainability and protect Scotch whisky as a premium global product.  The institute carries out pre-competitive fundamental and applied research and provides technical guidance and analytical services to its member companies.  Core research, carried out in UKAS accredited laboratories, focuses on raw materials, process efficiency, maturation, flavour and product protection.

Professor James Brosnan
Research Director

The institute also collaborates with academia and other research providers to bring long-term benefit to the distilling industry.  Of particular interest in the context of the Impromalt project is that SWRI represents the industry’s needs in the cereal breeding programmes and provides analysis of the processing characteristics of new varieties entering the National and Recommended Lists ensuring that those entering the supply chain are fit for purpose.

Professor James Brosnan BA (Hons), DPhil, PIBD is Director of Research at The Scotch Whisky Research Institute and Chair of the Impromalt Steering Group.  He also sits on the AHDB Wheat and Barley Committees and the BBSRC Crop Improvement Club Steering Group.  James has a personal interest in cereal science and as director at SWRI is also concerned with ensuring a sustainable supply of raw materials, that meet distillers’ needs, to the Scotch whisky industry.

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