Hop“Wet hop ale made entirely in Scotland is now on the horizon following an exciting experiment by scientists at the James Hutton Institute that has led to production of Hop Scotch ale

In a brewery store in St Andrews sits a very special test batch of beer. The 400 or so bottles can’t be sold to the public – but they are the very beginnings of the first wet hop beer to be commercially made using fresh hops grown in Scotland.

Notoriously difficult to grow in cooler climates, brewers in Scotland bring in their hops from the south of England where the tough, wayward plant thrives in the long summer days.

Seaweed, berries and heather are used by Scottish brewers to achieve the same citrus-style bitterness created by the flowers.”

For more information read the Scotsman article http://foodanddrink.scotsman.com/general/why-a-truly-scottish-beer-is-now-just-a-small-hop-away/