In 2012, ADAS began the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN).

The network is an open association of stakeholders connecting agricultural organisations and farmers committed to the improvement of crop performance. YEN has successfully employed an action learning approach to identify, encourage and support arable innovators. The YEN includes yield competitions and awards for wheat, oats, spring barley, oilseeds crops and forage crops (grass and maize). The spring barley YEN was initiated in 2019 and in just two years 65 fields have been entered into this competition. If you would like to enter a field into any of the YEN competitions then you can register at The YEN also includes other networks including YEN Nutrition which aims to help farmers identify whether their crop performance has been limited by inadequate nutrient availability,  YEN Wheat Quality, and this year YEN Zero which will estimate GHG emissions of arable crops.

Watch an IBH webinar about the Barley Yield Enhancement Network below: